10 Questions with 10 Pastors
February 6, 2023

Hector Medina

This week on Ten Questions with Ten Pastors, guest Hector Medina discusses church planting, maintaining a healthy ministry-life balance and what it means to love your hometown.
Lead On Podcast
February 5, 2023

Developing Volunteers in Ministry

Every church needs a strategy to raise up and deploy volunteers in their ministry. In this episode Dr. Iorg discusses how to cultivate and responsibly supervise volunteers in your ministry.
10 Questions with 10 Pastors
January 31, 2023

Brian Simms

In this new episode, our host is joined by Brian Simms, senior pastor of CrossPointe Church in Fontana, CA. Pastor Brian shares his process of how choosing the sermon themes for the year, how he gets organized for the week, and how he has grown over the years.
Lead On Podcast
January 29, 2023

Women in Ministry with Dr. Alicia Wong

Dr. Iorg and talks with Dr. Alicia Wong about the various roles women can take in ministry and especially in church planting.
10 Questions with 10 Pastors
January 24, 2023

Steve Reynolds

In this season opener, Steve Reynolds, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Barstow, CA, shares about his approach to weekly sermon preparation and the importance of integrity in pastoral ministry.
Lead On Podcast
January 22, 2023

Ministry in Crisis

Dr. Iorg discusses how Pastors can best respond to community and personal crisis.
Lead On Podcast
January 15, 2023

The Role of Prayer in Evangelism

What does the Bible say about praying for people to be saved? Dr. Iorg discusses what the Bible says about how we are to pray for evangelisitic ministry.
Lead On Podcast
January 8, 2023

Beyond the Billy Graham Rule

Dr. Iorg discusses how leaders can move beyond the Billy Graham rule to ensure appropriate relationships in the contemporary workplace.
Study Isaiah
January 3, 2023

God as a Warrior – Isaiah 63-66

This episode wraps up the Book of Isaiah! Dr. Wegner covers God as a divine warrior bringing judgment and deliverance while a remnant will be spared.
Lead On Podcast
January 1, 2023

Leadership as Stewardship

Dr. Iorg encourages leaders to view their role as a leader through the lens of stewardship because every leadership role is given by God.