Lead On Podcast
March 24, 2024

Pastor Visits

Why is pastoral presence so important? Dr. Iorg discusses the importance of being with people and offers fresh ways to engage with and effectively be with the people you are leading.

The Bible Teaching Podcast
March 22, 2024

How to Approach Biblical Texts

In this episode of The Bible Teaching Podcast, Dr. Watson and Dr. Kelly emphasize the need to delve into the historical and cultural context of the Biblical text, consider the ancient language and the specific circumstances for which it was written. It can be

The Study Podcast
March 19, 2024

Jacob Wrestles with an Angel

In the season 2 finale, of The Study Podcast, Dr. Wegner covers Genesis 32-35. Jacob wrestles with an angel, refusing to let go until he is blessed. What does this signify about Jacob's person and the country of Israel? Through the events in Genesis, we see h

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
March 18, 2024

Heiden Ratner

Heiden Ratner, pastor and church planter of WALK Church in Las Vegas and a Send City Missionary, joins Tyler to talk about fostering a sense of family and community within the church planting process, engaging those in the community, and the significance of hiring a b

Lead On Podcast
March 17, 2024

What to say when you don’t know what to say

A lot of the time we don't know what to say. So what do you do? Pray and ask for help. And then speak the best way you know how trusting God will work through your words. 

The Study Podcast
March 12, 2024

Patriarchal Blessings

(Abraham's Line Part III)

Patriarchal Blessings are not really a thing we have in America and interestingly, in the Bible, only appear in the book of Genesis. This episode continues the story of Jacob and Esau and their conflict for firstborn birthright and patr

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
March 11, 2024

Jack Diven

Jack Diven is pastor and church planter of Your Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyler and Jack talk about a nuanced approach to sermon preparation, emphasizing the importance of understanding what God wants to teach the congregation at a given moment. They also delve int

Lead On Podcast
March 10, 2024

Evaluating the Financial Health of Your Church

Dr. Iorg provides several benchmarks leaders can use to evaluate the financial health of their church. 

The Bible Teaching Podcast
March 8, 2024

How to talk about a ‘Chosen People’

In this episode of the Bible Teaching Podcast, Dr. Watson and Dr. Kelly talk about the challenges of approaching questions related to God's chosen people and their mission. Using the book of Jonah as an example, they explore the concept of 'chosenness' and highlight t

The Study Podcast
March 5, 2024

Death of Sarah – Sons of Isaac

In this episode, Dr. Wegner covers the death of Sarah, the process of finding Rebekah to be Isaac's wife, and the dynamic between Jacob and Esau, sons of Isaac. 

(Abraham's Line Part II)