10 Questions with 10 Pastors

10 Questions with 10 Pastors is an interview podcast on preaching, ministry challenges, and more. Host Tyler Sanders speaks with pastors about sermon strategy and preparation, the ups-and-downs of serving a church, and controversial topics like: Who has the best burger? In-n-Out or Five Guys?
10 Questions with 10 Pastors
July 8, 2024

The Dents

Tyler sits down with longtime missionaries and retired Gateway faculty, Don and Anne Dent. The Dents served with the IMB for over 30 years and most recently at Gateway Seminary. In this episode, they reflect on their past experiences from working in the mission field

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
May 27, 2024

The Meilstrups

Creative Solutions Team Leaders, Deron and Mary Beth Meilstrup, are missionaries in Sub-Saharan Africa with the IMB, who joined Tyler to talk about their work. Digital media and internet engagement are growing methods of sharing the gospel which are increasingly usefu

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
May 20, 2024

Cade and Jenny Wheeler

Cade and Jenny Wheeler are missionaries in Eastern Europe. They have an honest conversation with Tyler about the struggles they have faced and how they have seen God work through them to the people they are serving.

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10 Questions with 10 Pastors
May 13, 2024

Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia, Global Strategist for Europe, grew up as a missionary in Brazil. Cross-cultural reality has always been part of his life. He feels called to share the Gospel with the lost and says there is a higher level of darkness and lostness in Europe than people rea

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
May 6, 2024

David Garrison

David Garrison, an alumni of Gateway Seminary, has worked with IMB as journeymen in Hong Kong, was director at the Foreign Missionary Board and director at Global Gates. David has always had a love for missions. He shares about seeing lostness at a young age and wanti

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
April 29, 2024

Terry Sharp

Tyler is joined by Terry Sharp, a retired IMB director who worked as a diaspora mobilizer. They discuss Terry's missionary work in Brazil and Spain and talk about the challenges of learning new languages as well as the importance of short-term missions, and the evolut

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
April 22, 2024

Andy Pettigrew

Tyler is joined by Andy Pettigrew, Director of Next Gen Mobilization with the IMB. Andy talks about the pivotal role of God's grace in his life, highlighting his journey from childhood faith to mission work in Africa, discussing the challenges and joys of working with

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
April 15, 2024

The Bustrums

This week, Tyler is joined by church planters in Iberia, Mark and Hannah Bustrum. They discuss the impacts of cultural shock & stress, how to lean into discomfort and be okay, and the need to be involved in community and in the local church.

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
April 8, 2024

The Irwins

Tyler sits down with Philip and Ashley Irwin, student strategists with Asia Pacific Rim for the IMB. The Irwins reflect on the challenges of missionary work such as always being flexible and navigating living in a foreign environment, as well as the joys of missionary

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
April 1, 2024

Kristen Lowry

In this first episode of a special season, 10 Questions with 10 Missionaries, Tyler is joined by missionary Kristen Lowry, International Orphan Care Consultant with Send Relief. Kristen shares her journey into missionary work, she inherited an orphanage and d