Lead On Podcast

Dr. Jeff Iorg discusses leadership, calling and ministry in the Lead On Podcast.
Lead On Podcast
September 24, 2023


When do you as a leader intervene in situations around you? Dr. Iorg discusses when a leader should and should not intervene in conflict or counseling. 

Lead On Podcast
September 17, 2023

The Importance of Personal Evangelism with Dr. Eddie Pate

Dr. Eddie Pate identifies 10 things that he has learned from his students while teaching Evangelism.

Lead On Podcast
September 10, 2023

Reaching the next generation. A reflection on “Flip the Script: Disrupting Tradition for the Sake of the Next Generation”

Dr. Iorg provides a thorough discussion of a recent book on encountering the next generation's worldview: "Flip the Script: Disrupting Tradition for the Sake of the Next Tradition. " He encourages listeners to read the book and discusses how leaders can desig

Lead On Podcast
September 3, 2023

Dealing with Loneliness for Christian Leaders

A recent survey states that loneliness is a growing problem among ministry leaders. Dr. Iorg discusses how leader scan manage loneliness and isolation well. 

Lead On Podcast
August 27, 2023

Using Illustrations in Bible Teaching

Dr. Iorg is joined by Dr. Jim Wilson to talk about good and bad ways to illustrate the Bible.

Lead On Podcast
August 20, 2023

Understanding Governance Structures in Churches

Dr. Iorg provides four keys for effective church polity and some core problems which hinder church governance. 

Lead On Podcast
August 13, 2023

Using Governing Documents in your Ministry Organization

Dr Iorg talks about what types of governing documents are helpful for ministry organizations and how to revise or rework those documents to be more effective.

Lead On Podcast
August 6, 2023

The Unintended Consequences of a Seminary Education

Dr. Iorg discusses the uninteneded consequences of any form of training and education.

Lead On Podcast
July 30, 2023

Church Finance with Dr. Jonathan Jarboe

Dr. Iorg talks with Dr. Jonathan Jarboe, president of the Baptist Foundation of California, about the best practices of church finances and how to avoid some common ministry finance mistakes. 

Lead On Podcast
July 23, 2023


Dr. Iorg discusses the seven Greek words associated with the idea of Self-Control and provides several ways leaders can foster self-control in themselves.