10 Questions with 10 Pastors
March 4, 2024

Keith Myer

In episode, Tyler is joined by Keith Meyer, Senior Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Salisbury, Maryland, and a trustee of Gateway Seminary. They discuss the importance of pastors knowing biblical languages, particularly Greek, and the value of being able to discern

Lead On Podcast
March 3, 2024

Planned Preaching Program

Dr. Iorg explains why a planned program of preaching is vital for a healthy ministry. Dr. Iorg also encourages non-preachers to consider long-term planning and intentional ministry decisions.

The Study Podcast
February 27, 2024

Melchizedek and the Angel of the LORD

In this episode of The Study Podcast, Tyler and Dr. Wegner look at a few passages in Genesis. 

  1. Abraham and Sarah go to Egypt and tell the Pharaoh they that are siblings and God sends curses to the land for their lie.
  2. Abraham tells Melchize
10 Questions with 10 Pastors
February 26, 2024

Joseph Gibbons

Joseph Gibbons is church planter and pastor at Favor City Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joseph and Tyler talk about having a big-picture approach, sermon prep, and emphasizing prayer and responsiveness to the burdens of the church. They also reflect on the importance o

The Bible Teaching Podcast
February 23, 2024

Teaching Poetry

You can not teach every kind of book the same way. Different teaching methods for different kinds of literature.

The format should drive the content and the structure of your lectures. Poetry uses symbolism, imagery, and hyperbole to evoke responses. Y

The Study Podcast
February 20, 2024

Abrahamic Covenant Enacted

In episode 12 of The Study Podcast, Dr. Wegner and Tyler continue the conversation about the covenant God makes with Abraham. There were over 15 years from the time God promised Abraham children to the birth of Isaac. God is with us even when we can't feel Hi

10 Questions with 10 Pastors
February 19, 2024

James Turner

James Turner is pastor of Eastvale Bible Church in Norco, California. He and host Tyler Sanders discuss the benefits of preaching through whole books of the Bible, the challenges of finding and leading people in ministry, and the importance of taking time to listen wh

Lead On Podcast
February 18, 2024

Reading for Leaders

In addition to suggesting how to read more efficiently, Dr. Iorg shares ways that he has benefitted spiritually and theologically from intentional reading. 

The Study Podcast
February 13, 2024

The Covenant Promise

In Genesis 12, God makes a Covenant with Abraham to make him a father of a multitude of nations. Is this covenant an unconditional or conditional one? God promises blessings to all families of earth, and Abraham seals the covenant with his unwavering obedience. How do