Study Isaiah

A chapter-by-chapter overview of the Book of Isaiah with Dr. Paul Wegner.
Study Isaiah
November 21, 2023

Season Two Promo

Get ready for Season Two! We are changing the name of the podcast to Study the Word with Dr. Paul Wegner. In Season One, we went through the book of Isaiah. In Season Two, we are exploring the book of Genesis. New episodes will be released weekly starting on December

Study Isaiah
January 3, 2023

God as a Warrior – Isaiah 63-66

This episode wraps up the Book of Isaiah! Dr. Wegner covers God as a divine warrior bringing judgment and deliverance while a remnant will be spared.
Study Isaiah
December 26, 2022

A Call for True Repentance – Isaiah 58-62

In this episode of Study Isaiah, Dr. Paul Wegner's Hebrew Word of the Day is "tzom," meaning "to fast."
Study Isaiah
December 19, 2022

Salvation Freely Offered – Isaiah 54-57

Now that Israel’s physical and spiritual captivity has ended, what happens next?
Study Isaiah
December 12, 2022

The Servant Messiah – Isaiah 49-53

Paul Wegner and Tyler Sanders discuss the last three of the Servant Songs in Isaiah.
Study Isaiah
December 5, 2022

Assurance of God’s Deliverance – Isaiah 45:8-48:22

Dr. Wegner and Tyler Sanders cover God's role as a creator, God's plan for deliverance beyond Israel, and the logic of God's deliverance.
Study Isaiah
November 28, 2022

God Sends Another – Isaiah 42-45:7

Dr. Paul Wegner discusses Isaiah42-45a with a special focus on Cyrus as a tool used by God.
Study Isaiah
November 21, 2022

King Cyrus: Servant of God – Isaiah 40-41

In this episode, Dr. Wegner introduces the next palistrophe: Isaiah 40-48. He loves palistrophes.
Study Isaiah
November 14, 2022

Isaianic Narratives – Isaiah 36-39

This episode, Dr. Wegner and Tyler Sanders wrap up the first major section of Isaiah with chapters 36-39!
Study Isaiah
November 7, 2022

Final Judgement and Restoration – Isaiah 34-35

On this episode, Paul Wegner talks about the final judgment and restoration; destruction and hope for the future.