Study Isaiah

A chapter-by-chapter overview of the Book of Isaiah with Dr. Paul Wegner.
Study Isaiah
January 3, 2023

God as a Warrior – Isaiah 63-66

This episode wraps up the Book of Isaiah! Dr. Wegner covers God as a divine warrior bringing judgment and deliverance while a remnant will be spared.
Study Isaiah
December 26, 2022

A Call for True Repentance – Isaiah 58-62

In this episode of Study Isaiah, Dr. Paul Wegner's Hebrew Word of the Day is "tzom," meaning "to fast."
Study Isaiah
December 19, 2022

Salvation Freely Offered – Isaiah 54-57

Now that Israel’s physical and spiritual captivity has ended, what happens next?
Study Isaiah
December 12, 2022

The Servant Messiah – Isaiah 49-53

Paul Wegner and Tyler Sanders discuss the last three of the Servant Songs in Isaiah.
Study Isaiah
December 5, 2022

Assurance of God’s Deliverance – Isaiah 45:8-48:22

Dr. Wegner and Tyler Sanders cover God's role as a creator, God's plan for deliverance beyond Israel, and the logic of God's deliverance.
Study Isaiah
November 28, 2022

God Sends Another – Isaiah 42-45:7

Dr. Paul Wegner discusses Isaiah42-45a with a special focus on Cyrus as a tool used by God.
Study Isaiah
November 21, 2022

King Cyrus: Servant of God – Isaiah 40-41

In this episode, Dr. Wegner introduces the next palistrophe: Isaiah 40-48. He loves palistrophes.
Study Isaiah
November 14, 2022

Isaianic Narratives – Isaiah 36-39

This episode, Dr. Wegner and Tyler Sanders wrap up the first major section of Isaiah with chapters 36-39!
Study Isaiah
November 7, 2022

Final Judgement and Restoration – Isaiah 34-35

On this episode, Paul Wegner talks about the final judgment and restoration; destruction and hope for the future.
Study Isaiah
October 31, 2022

The Little Apocalypse – Isaiah 24-33

This week, Dr. Paul Wegner covers the Little Apocalypse in Isaiah 24-27, in which not only God's people are going to be punished, but the whole world. They also cover oracles of judgment and restoration in chapters 28-33!