The Bible Teaching Podcast

Practical instruction for today's church leaders with Dr. Paul Kelly and Dr. Gregg Watson.
The Bible Teaching Podcast
June 14, 2024

How to Teach for the Heart

How to help people read the Bible on an emotional level to enhance their reading of the Truth.

The Bible Teaching Podcast
May 31, 2024

Why Teach the Old Testament

The Old Testament can sometimes seem a little intimidating. We often read Paul's words and he frequently quotes the Old Testament, but for some it can be hard to seeing God in the OT as loving. However, it is absolutely essential that we study and teach the Old Testam

The Bible Teaching Podcast
May 17, 2024

Bible Translations

Walk through the process of translating the Bible, the complicated task of bringing across complete concepts into a new language and culture. There is a lot you need to know about context and linguistic ranges of meaning. Why are accurate translations important and ho

The Bible Teaching Podcast
May 3, 2024

Teaching on Parables

Jesus often taught in parables, and his parables are rich in truth for Bible teachers. However, teaching the parables can have some challenges. Some approach parables allegorically, expecting every element of the story to have a spiritual application. This can be prob

The Bible Teaching Podcast
April 19, 2024

Sincerity of Heart

In this episode of The Bible Teaching Podcast, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Watson focus on a few passages in the book of Micah and the themes relating to God's presence, transformation, and teaching methodologies. Micah teaches about the importance of heart sincerity o

The Bible Teaching Podcast
April 5, 2024

Understanding the Bigger Picture

In this episode, Dr. Gregg Watson and Dr. Paul Kelly talk about understanding scripture within the broader context. They emphasize the importance of grasping the big picture before delving into the details, dissecting every verse can sometimes obscure the author's int

The Bible Teaching Podcast
March 22, 2024

How to Approach Biblical Texts

In this episode of The Bible Teaching Podcast, Dr. Watson and Dr. Kelly emphasize the need to delve into the historical and cultural context of the Biblical text, consider the ancient language and the specific circumstances for which it was written. It can be

The Bible Teaching Podcast
March 8, 2024

How to talk about a ‘Chosen People’

In this episode of the Bible Teaching Podcast, Dr. Watson and Dr. Kelly talk about the challenges of approaching questions related to God's chosen people and their mission. Using the book of Jonah as an example, they explore the concept of 'chosenness' and highlight t

The Bible Teaching Podcast
February 23, 2024

Teaching Poetry

You can not teach every kind of book the same way. Different teaching methods for different kinds of literature.

The format should drive the content and the structure of your lectures. Poetry uses symbolism, imagery, and hyperbole to evoke responses. Y

The Bible Teaching Podcast
February 9, 2024

Why do we teach the Bible?

What does it mean to teach and why do we do it? Jesus taught by providing a broad narrative and then asking people; how do you live this story out in your lives? Is this the way we should teach the Bible too?