Old Testament

Isaiah, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries – An Excerpt

Dr. Paul Wegner's Isaiah Commentary with Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries provides all students of biblical interpretation with a deeper and nuanced resource for deeper study of this prophetic book. You can find an excerpt of his new publication here.

Paul D. Wegner
Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies
Dr. Paul Wegner serves as the distinguished professor of Old Testament Studies at Gateway. Paul attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois where he majored in pastoral training and completed two degrees at Trinity Divinity School. For his doctoral studies, Paul graduated from Kings College, University of London in 1991.

The Joshua Effect

Naïvely we often think freedom is found through pursuing our own ends. Yet, the Bible declares that such freedom is actually a type of bondage. Freedom is only found through becoming a servant of God, as counter-intuitive as that may be.

Jesse Harris
PhD Student at Gateway
Jesse is a PhD candidate in Biblical Studies with a focus in Old Testament. His passion is serving and equipping the church both locally and abroad.