The Study Podcast
November 28, 2022

God Sends Another – Isaiah 42-45:7

Dr. Paul Wegner discusses Isaiah 42-45a with a special focus on Cyrus as a tool used by God.

This week on The Study Podcast, Dr. Paul Wegner covers the servant song in chapter 42, the foolishness of idolatry and how God uses Cyrus to bring justice to Israel. They continue to progress through the current palistrophe by reaching the centerpoint!

A. Assurance of God's Deliverance (Is 40)
B. The Case for God's Deliverance (Is 41)
C. God Explains His Plan (Is 42:1-44:5)
D. A Real God Cannot Be Made (Is 44:6-23)
Yahweh is the Only God (Is 44:24-45:7)
D1. The Real God is the Maker (Is 45:8-17)
C1. God Explains His Plan (Is 45:18-25)
B1. The Case for God's Punishment (Is 46-47)
A1. The Logic of God's Deliverance (Is 48:1-22)