The Study Podcast
October 17, 2022

An Undeniable Message from God – Isaiah 8-9a

Listen to The Study Podcast with Paul Wegner and Tyler Sanders to learn more about Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz and to finish up the palistrophe of Isaiah 5-12!

This week on The Study Podcast, Dr. Wegner and host Tyler Sanders complete the palistrophe that begins in Isaiah chapter 5 and ends with chapter 12. Together they talk through chapter 8 and the beginning of chapter 9, covering topics like the name Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, Israel misplacing their fear onto Assyria instead of God, and the instructions Israel receives to bind and seal up the testimony until after the prophecy had been fulfilled as a kind of proof of Isaiah's status as a prophet.

Palistrophe Structure of Isaiah 5-12

A. Song of the Vineyard (Is 5:1-7)
B. Six Woe Oracles (Is 5:8-23)
C. Uplifted Hands Oracle (Is 5:24-30)
Isaianic Memoir (Is 6:1-9:7)
C1. Four Uplifted Hand Oracles (Is 9:8-10:4)
B1. Woe Oracle (Is 10:5-11:16)
A1. Song of Thanksgiving (Is 12:1-6)