Last week, Gateway Seminary honored us with a Celebration of Service event. It was a humbling moment for us, commemorating twenty years of meaningful service with the Gateway family. The kind words, personal tributes, and unexpected gifts created precious memories to cherish as we move into our next demanding ministry role.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize this event. One employee on the planning team, who recently resigned to move to another state, stayed through the day of the event to help make it happen. Her sacrificial service typifies what makes Gateway so remarkable. We walked out of the event – both of us at the end of our term of service – with me getting the accolades because of someone else’s hard work. That typifies my time at Gateway. I have ridden the crest of the leadership wave created by the sacrificial service of so many staff and faculty colleagues. Thank you.

People praying for Jeff and Ann Iorg
Elders from Mt. Zion and Gateway faculty pray for Jeff and Ann Iorg.

Thank you also to the executive team at Gateway. Our four vice-presidents are world-class leaders who could lead any organization, anywhere. It has been a delight to work closely with them (and their predecessors) over the years. Thank you also to the Board of Trustees who have supervised me, tolerated my mistakes, and stood up for me when necessary. These men and women are the unseen stalwarts who make our seminary strong.

Finally, thank you to students who have made it all worthwhile. In a few days, we will celebrate spring graduation events at all five campuses – my last official duties as President. When those conclude, more than 5,000 graduates will have received degrees and diplomas during my tenure. That’s a number that makes my heart sing! Men and women wearing the Gateway imprint – biblical, missional, global – as they devote themselves to our shared mission of expanding God’s kingdom around the world.

For about twenty years, part of my weekly routine has been writing this “slice of life” blog. It has been a combination of a commentary on current events, promotion for the seminary, personal observations about ministry, and occasionally, attempts at being funny. Thanks for looking at life with me through this lens.

But now its time to sign off, at least in the blogosphere at Gateway Seminary. My overwhelming emotion as my time as President comes to an end is gratitude. So, for now and from the vantage point of writing this blog, goodbye. And, for all you have meant to me as faithful readers – Thank You!