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Dawson Trotman: The Navigators and the Discipleship Movement – An Excerpt

In A History of Evangelism in North America (edited by Thomas P. Johnson), Dr. Allan Karr contributes to this volume by writing on Dawson Trotman and his influence on the discipleship movement.

Allan Karr
Associate Director of the D.Min. Program | Professor of Leadership Formation
Allan Karr is a full-time professor of Leadership Formation and the Associate Director of the D.Min. Program. Since 1995, Karr and his family have been designing and experimenting with new concepts of community and training others to do so. In 2008, Karr founded Ethne Global Services, a humanitarian non-profit with an expanding footprint in many countries.

Faculty Dialogues: Baptist Ecclesiology

In this episode, Dr. Chris Chun and Dr. David Rathel unpack their views on infant baptism, their experiences as Southern Baptists, common myths and misconceptions of Baptist life, and more.

David Rathel
Associate Professor of Christian Theology
Dr. Rathel is the associate professor of Chrisitian Theology at Gateway Seminary. Prior to Gateway, Dr. Rathel supplied pastoral care to churches in the United States and Scotland, served as an Adjunct Professor of Theology and Philosophy for the Baptist College of Florida, and provided teaching assistance for the University of St Andrews.