The Study Podcast
November 21, 2022

King Cyrus: Servant of God – Isaiah 40-41

In this episode, Dr. Wegner introduces the next palistrophe: Isaiah 40-48. He loves palistrophes.

This week on The Study Podcast, Dr. Paul Wegner and host Tyler Sanders discuss the time jump that occurs between Isaiah chapters 39 and 40, encouragement as a major theme in the book, and whether God was able and willing to deliver the Israelites from Babylonian captivity (hint: yes) and how that rescue will occur (hint: Cyrus). 

Also, Dr. Wegner introduces a new palistrophe beginning at chapter 40 and ending with chapter 48!

A. Assurance of God's Deliverance (Is 40)
B. The Case for God's Deliverance (Is 41)
C. God Explains His Plan (Is 42:1-44:5)
D. A Real God Cannot Be Made (Is 44:6-23)
Yahweh is the Only God (Is 44:24-45:7)
D1. The Real God is the Maker (Is 45:8-17)
C1. God Explains His Plan (Is 45:18-25)
B1. The Case for God's Punishment (Is 46-47)
A1. The Logic of God's Deliverance (Is 48:1-22)