Chris Chun, director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary and professor of church history, and Chris Woznicki, research fellow at the JEC at Gateway Seminary and affiliate instructor in theology at Fuller Seminary, talk about Jonathan Edwards’ work on revivals in light of the activity at Asbury University. They discuss the signs of true revival, signs of the work of the Holy Spirit, and why it is important to critically assess the characteristics of revival in a spirit of charity.

“These marks, that the Apostle has given us, are sufficient to stand alone, and support themselves; and wherever they be, they plainly shew the finger of God, and are sufficient to outweigh a thousand such little objections, as many make from oddities, irregularities, and errors in conduct, and scandals of some professors.”

Jonathan Edwards in Distinguishing Marks WJEO 4: 258-259.

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Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God – Link to the full work by Jonathan Edwards referenced in the podcast.

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